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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  February 27, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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violent crime rate here in oakland has actually been reducing or going down the past several years. it's success that's been lost to some extent by headline-grabbing scandals, something this new chief says she will address head on. >> i solemnly swear -- >> reporter: with that anne kirkpatrick blaecame oakland's w police chief. >> we talk a lot about reform. and i really want to talk about transformation. i don't want an organization bound to rural thinking, i want people to transform their thinking about policing. >> you begin leading a department and a profession with both a proud and a challenged past. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf called kirkpatrick the right person to pull her city's force out of a dark period that included allegations of racial profiling and a sex scandal involving an underage teenager.
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the council wants the new chief to focus on one issue in his district. >> and last year we had 26 homicides. we had not had 26 homicides in a while. >> the new chief is my eighth chief just as president alone. >> reporter: barry donelin is the president of the police union. >> do you think this needs reform or transformation? >> i think she is inheriting the hardest working police officers in america. if that requires reform, i don't know. i think what they need to do is continue to fight crime. >> i am ready. oakland, i hope you're ready because we're moving ahead. >> reporter: the oakland department was close to emerging from 14 years of federal oversight before last summer's sex scandal. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. an oakland police sergeant suing the city and police command staff is back on the force. last november abc 7 news reported sergeant mike gant was put on leave for a domestic
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issue. however, gantt filed a lawsuit saying he was retaliated against as a whistleblower. when the wife of an officer died, gantt told his superiors he thought the officer murdered her. that officer committed suicide before it was revealed he had a relationship with that teenager and that grew into a sex scandal. gantt's attorney said he got a call to return to work and that he's going forward with his lawsuit against the department. $73 million, that's the initial estimated damage from last week's flooding in san jose. we brought you that announcement live about an hour ago. the city says it has begun the process of applying for state and federal aid. $50 million is private property. the other $23 million is public. inspectors are making some progress. they cleared residents to return to more than 850 homes in the last 24 hours. however, nearly 500 are still yellow tagged, allowing people only to retrieve items, they can't stay there. the city says affected residents can expect to be involved in a
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more thorough damage assessment in the near future. >> the estimate that we've done right now is really based on formulas and not based on actual inspection work. the inspection work that we have been doing is more related to getting them back in their unit, not related to doing this estimate. >> tomorrow the city council is expected to set a hearing to discuss the city's evacuation process. so far donations to help the victims has reached more than $900,000. meantime, another day of cleaning up for residents in rock springs. the water is gone, replaced by mud and still just an enormous mess. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman was there last week and went back today to check on the progress. wayne. >> reporter: good afternoon, dan. it was just mud last week. mud and misery. now that mud is caked out and a lot of these apartments are cleaned out, but the more they haul away, the more work they realize they have ahead of them. it's a lot. the seventh day in flooded rock
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springs and not one of rest. the mess too wicked, the task too daunting. >> how has this last week been for you? >> oh, awful. exhausting. it's crazy. >> reporter: for calvin and his wife annie, questions are not only where to begin, more important where will they finish. the amount of stuff he could save, just a tiny percentage of what they threw into a dumpster out their back window. >> everything, my kid toys and the kitchen, in the living room, everywhere, all my stuff. >> reporter: having lost so much, she feels grateful to salvage photos from a family album. this was then. look at now. >> we've been working hard, saving. now it's all destroyed in minutes. >> reporter: they are one struggling family in a neighborhood filled with them. they have had plenty of help from volunteers, though. even san jose mayor returned for yet another shift. >> it happened in my city so i'm
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responsible. one way or another we know there's been a failure and that's why residents didn't get enough time to be able to clear out. >> reporter: now they face a cleanup likely to last months and financial recoveries that may take years. in the rock springs section of san jose, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. police in san rafael are trying to find a man who stole an atm by hooking it to his suv and it was all caught on camera. take a look at this surveillance video shared by the police department, which shows the whole thing. it happened just before 2:30 this morning on anderson drive. you see a man pull a rope or cable into the building. minutes later, you see the atm dragged out of the building. there's major damage to the building's entrance. just look at that. later this morning police found the atm in richmond. police say that on sunday two men were seem in this same lexus suv tampering with a trailer. state lawmakrs are considering a bill that would limit communication between local law enforcement officers and immigration agents.
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supporters say it would protect undocumented immigrants known as dreamers. opponents say it would prevent i.c.e. agents from going to california jails and prisons and deporting the thousands of undocumented felons inside. they say it would protect criminals and increase deportation rates in immigrant communities. there are thousands of undocumented immigrants in the bay area and now local churches are joining a nationwide movement to provide sanctuary for those who fear they may be turned over to the feds. carolyn tyler has the story. >> this is something that's deeply connected to our faith commitments. >> reporter: reverend ben daniels says his church, montclair presbyterian, supported a conscientious objector during the vietnam war, central american refugees in the '80s and will now help undocumented immigrants threatened with deportation. >> that could be hiding them someplace physically or providing them legal assistance or financial assistance. >> reporter: since president trump's election and worries about immigration raids, some
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sanctuaries are literally becoming sanctuaries. the university lutheran chapel in berkeley has actually created a small apartment. in los angeles, a church is building a safe house, part of an underground network. under an obama administration policy, federal agents did not enter houses of worship without approval. but fear of what may come under president trump has some congregations turning to organizations like marian noriega's interfaith movement for human integrity, which is training churches to respond quickly. >> it's important that congregations collaborate, become one movement to help each other. >> reporter: there are, of course, critics, but reverend daniel is not worried about legal implications. >> we need to help people. and we need to help people even if it means breaking unjust laws. >> reporter: the national sanctuary movement says there are some 800 churches involved
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nationwide. in the east bay, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. bay area congresswoman jackie spear is bringing a special guest to president trump's state of the union speech tomorrow. former senior state department official tom countryman had 30-year career in the foreign service before being dismissed last month. he gained attention for urging his colleagues to stay and protect the constitution from president trump's administration. president trump's first address to the congress is tomorrow night. we'll bring it to you live tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. a clothing store is telling anyone with a gift card to redeem it now. we'll explain why. >> i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. we have a warming trend coming. numbers will be straight ahead. >> thanks very much. who needs to be an astronaut? two tourists are depending on elon musk to fly them to the moon. abc 7 talks to the people
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who made the baby bird an oscar star. and the gol
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there's a mistake. "moonlight," you guys won best picture. >> this is not a joke. >> this is not a joke. i'm afraid they read the wrong thing. >> this is not a joke. >> yeah, no joke. odds are you were stunned watching last night's oscar blunder announcing "la la land" as the best picture instead of the real winner, "moonlight." take a look at people in the audience. matt damon, michelle williams, selma hayek, they all just had their mouths open. meryl streep looked absolutely shocked. the bay area's own mahershala ali talked about the mishap afterward. >> it just threw me a bit -- it threw me more than a bit, but i
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just didn't -- i didn't want to go up there and take something from somebody. it's very hard to feel joy in a moment like that. but i feel very fortunate for all of us to have walked away with the best picture. >> so gracious. the accounting firm pricewaterhouse says that the presenters had mistakenly been given the wrong category envelope. >> well, it was awkward but they handled it brilliantly. abc news says the wrong envelope was given to warren beatty by a pricewaterhouse staffer who was distracted while taking pictures of emma stone backstage. >> sergio quintana talked with two oscar winners who were inside the dolby theater when it happened. >> he's live where those filmmakers have just returned to work with a couple of statues, sergio. >> reporter: yeah, they won for best animated short film and they say the mood inside the kodak theater at the end of the ceremony was unreal. certainly a memorable end to
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what was already a really great night for them. pixar's new's academy award winners say last night's ceremony is mostly a blur. >> you come in and out of consciousness. oh, that's really funny, jimmy kimmel. then you think, wow, our category is coming up. >> can you believe that you were there yet? >> i'm like did it happen? oh, yeah, it did. >> reporter: what they do remember vividly is the moment after they opened the envelope and announced their film won. piper, the story of the little bird, was inspired by his morning jogs along the bay. >> there are all these shore birds that fly in and they run back and forth with the waves. >> reporter: the short film took three years to complete and their win adds to a growing list of pixar's other award-winning films. >> mar shaulhershala ali. >> reporter: last night's oscar ceremony was also huge for east bay native mahershala ali.
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one of his theater professors is hoping his win will help current students in their pursuits. >> there's nothing like success to persuade you or, should i say, to persuade parents. >> reporter: current students are excited about his win. >> i feel really excited that now like his legacy here will become more known. i hope that continues to inspire people to become a part of this like theater family we have at st. mary's. >> reporter: ali's star is on the rise. following the oscars, calvin klein had a campaign featuring the cast of "moonlight." well, last night's best picture win by "moonlight" is particularly meaningful to members of the lgbtq community. >> the movie will be shown tomorrow night at san francisco's castro theater. it tells the story of a young man growing up black, poor and gay. it's a story rarely told in hollywood. >> it's the struggle of, you know, finding yourself, finding who you are, being accepted for who you are.
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"moonlight" was a young man struggling with his sexuality. that is something that transcends all genders and all cultures. >> at san francisco's lgbt community center, they're praising the movie for taking on some of the most common struggles affecting that community, violence and acceptance. oscars host jimmy kimmel is talking to some oscars oops insiders tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> one of his guests is mahershala ali. watch tonight at 11:35 right after abc 7 news at 11:00. now we go to some breaking news in southern california. we understand a small plane has crashed into at least one house in the city of riverside. >> boy, you can see what is happening here as you look at these live pictures. enormous fire and smoke coming off of this home. perhaps more homes have been affected. there you see some debris on the neighboring house. this happened very close to riverside's municipal airport. we do not know if anyone was
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inside the home or their condition and we don't know about what happened to the pilot just yet or why this plane crashed. as you can see, a very serious and quite possibly a deadly situation in riverside. >> we are keeping our eyes on this and we will of course bring you the latest throughout this newscast. we'll bring you more on the abc 7 news app. takata is making a major admission about problems with its airbags that led to 16 deaths. >> michael finney is here with more. >> a wild day on this story. takata has pleaded guilty to a criminal charge and agreed to pay $1 billion for a scheme to conceal a deadly defect in millions of its airbags. japanese auto parts maker takata has pled guilty to the criminal charges and agreed to pay that $1 billion for a scheme to conceal all of those issues. takata admits to hiding problems that can cause airbag inflaters
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to explode with too much force hurling shrapnel into drivers and passengers. takata's airbags are blamed for at least 16 deaths as dan just said and more than 180 injuries. in related news, a lawsuit filed in miami today claims at least four automakers knew the airbags were dangerous and kept using them to save money. this might be your last chance to use your wet seal gift card. it appears all the clothing stores have been closed and now the website is even offering this advice. redeem your gift card. shelly hunter is a gift card girlfriend. >> wet seal has declared bankruptcy again. we've been through this once before. the good news is last time they declared bankruptcy, they emerged and they continued accepting their gift cards throughout the entire bankruptcy proceeding, which to me is a good sign. >> the word "redeem" may be misspelled but the message is clear. the website may close soon. so when it comes to your gift card, use it or lose it.
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when it comes to counter fi -- counter fits it can be worse than a knock offhand bag or pair of shoes. at a restaurant you might be served a cheaper fish but it goes younds that. honey can be laced with oils. spices like paprika and chili powder can be cut with cleaner materials colored with red dye. finding frauds can be difficult. about the best consumers can do is buy from trusted sources and tell your lawmakers to invest in enforcement. >> thanks, michael. well, trader joe's is recalling two types of applesauce after customers found pieces of glass in the jars. the types are first crush unsweetened gravenstein applesauce and organic unsweetened applesauce. it has a use by date of august 8 and the organic has a use by date of october 6, 2018.
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lightning strikes on the space needle in seattle, a rare lightning bolt hit the landmark about an hour and a half ago. the space needle tweeted this photo. seattle was hit with hail, snow and thunder throughout the afternoon. good evening to you all. live doppler 7 not showing you any radar returns. that will change later on this week. i do want to show you a pretty picture sent to me by one of my followers of the snow on diablo. a light dusting of snow and pretty good-looking view. we did get some view, a -- six s of completely dry conditions this month, so there were 21 days of rain in february. if it felt like a wet month, it has been. it's one of our wettest months of the winter season, but we're in for a dry spell. you might want to head to the beach to enjoy santa cruz.
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look at these temperatures, it's still cool. low to mid-50s but we'll see these numbers turning to 60s. from our sfo camera, it is a sunny view and the temperatures right now in the mid-50s from santa rosa to napa and livermore. another live picture from our emeryville camera as we look back, a few thin wispy clouds. chilly with patchy morning frost the next two days. a warmer pattern this week and a chance of rain this weekend. i do want to show you the hour-by-hour planner. tomorrow morning watch out for patchy frost. temperatures in the 30s, 40s, so down here freezing in our inland areas. bright skies at noon time. temperatures are rising. 4:00 p.m. you'll see 60s at least around the bay and inland and it will be a starry night tomorrow night, 40s and 50s. chilly tomorrow morning. you see what it looks like here. the coldest spots will be in the north bay and inland east bay valleys. 40s for the rest of you around the bay and around the coastline. highs for your tuesday in the upper 50s and lower 60s.
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we're going up just a little bit. as you head into wednesday, you will notice the mild conditions. temperatures will get up into the mid-60s. thursday is a warmer day, almost close to 70 degrees in places like concord, san rafael, and a slight dip in the temperatures on friday. but still one nice-looking day. you deserve this break. it has been a rainy february. chances of rain, though, for those of you who really like the rain, saturday it's a 20% chance, sunday is a better chance, a 1 on our storm impact scale. saturday night the rain line begins to move into the north bay. sunday morning, this is when we'll see most of the rain. doesn't look like much. it's pretty much light rainfall if we get anything this weekend but at least it's a chance of seeing that storm impact scale returning. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll bump those temperatures up each and every day through thursday when numbers will be flirting with close to 70 degrees. it's a spring preview inland and around the bay, mid to upper 60s. coast side low 60s. tomorrow you'll notice it's a slow warming trending as we head
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into tomorrow and wednesday. now, on friday still a mild afternoon. we head into the weekend, chance of some rain late saturday night. a better chance on sunday. it's a 1 on our storm impact scale. right now monday we're going partly cloudy, but we may actually see another round of some showers. you can download the abc 7 news app. you can keep track of our shower chances. >> thanks, sandhya. we've sent spacecraft to the moon and to mars. now nasa has its sights set on the sun. that's next. and then at 5:30 on world news with david muir. coming up, breaking news. the president on the plan to replace obamacare. also tonight another wave of threats. the fbi investigating bomb threats, schoolchildren evacuated. the deadly plane crash and celebrating a beloved actor. there is news tonight about how he died, coming up. >> david, thanks. we'll see you then. new at 6:00, the structural problems with the golden gate bridge, all because of the extreme weather
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we'your most extraordinarybut withmoments happenses when you feel small. when you're completely outnumbered, overshadowed, and outshined. so what if you dared to explore this great big beautiful pond. what if you dared to feel small. princess cruises. come back new.
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coming soon to major league baseball, new baseballs. rawlings, mlb's manufacturer, will be making balls with a natural tact on the leather. this will make the baseball stickier and they hope remove the incentive for pitchers to use an illegal substance like pine tar or sunscreen to get a better grip. the new baseballs could debut by the 2018 season. united airlines will soon offer nonstop daily flights to sfo from charles m. schultz sonoma county airport. the 50-seat jet aircraft will take passengers on the short 40-minute flight. there will be three flights daily, beginning in june. however, you can buy tickets starting today on the united website. elon musk says his company, spacex, will fly two people to the moon next year. he revealed two people have paid what he calls a significant deposit to go on the flight. it will skim close to the moon, then sling shot around to return to earth. nasa tweeted today we commend our industry partners for reaching higher. we will work closely with
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spacex. nasa has its sights set on the sun. today the space agency announced it will launch what's called the solar probe plus mission to the sun in july of next year. the probe will get close enough to the blazing star to answer some important questions, including why the sun's surface isn't as hot as its atmosphere. if all goes as planned, solar probe plus will be the closest that a man made object has ever made it to the sun, but that's still about 4 million miles away. the new robot from boston dynamics is putting on quite a show. as you can see in this video released by the company, the machine known as handle is amazingly nimble. check out these spins. but that's not all, watch how it can handle these stairs as well as steep terrain, in the snow no less. the electric robot can travel 9 miles per hour and manage 4-foot vertical jumps. well, now to cool moves by people. we're talking human billboards. the winner of a championship
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sign-off is from the bay area. but first, take a look at this image of oakland, as seen from the mountain view cemetery in the hills. one resident sent us this picture. share your pictures with us on social media using #abc7now
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well, coming up tonight on the abc 7 news at 6:00, our wet winter has brought flooding, snow, even mudslides. now earthquakes could be next. uc berkeley scientists say they have the proof. also -- >> a lot of people reacted badly. many of us made many mistakes. >> a look at early battles against aids from a bay area doctor on the front lines of that fight. it's a preview of tonight's special "when we rise." and summer vacation season is almost upon us. 7 on your side's michael finney has important advice about travel insurance. an east bay couple learned a
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valuable lesson. that's all coming up at 6:00. finally here tonight, the next time you see someone twirling a sign in the bay area, you might be watching a world champion. >> the tenth annual world sign spinning championships were held this weekend in las vegas. youtube video shows more than 100 of the human billboards showing off their best moves. >> in the end, jose angeles, a sign spinner from right here in san francisco, won the title and $5,000 in prize money. all the contestants work as professional sign spinners for a los angeles company called arrow. >> not bad. >> i've seen a lot of those sign spinners. i've never seen them quite like that. >> that was pretty good, i have to admit. well, world news tonight with day-to-d with david muir is next. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. >> yes, we will see you again at 6:00. until then, have a great evening.
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tonight, several developing stories. president trump on repealing and replacing obamacare. once promising a quick fix. now saying nobody knew health care could be so complicated. the early clues tonight about what stays and what goes. and a major increase in defense spending. other agencies now facing sweeping cuts. also breaking tonight, school children evacuated from their classrooms today amid bomb threats. another cemetery desecrated. the fbi investigating the increasing number of cases of hate across this country. the severe storms coming across the south and the east coast bracing next. 90 million americans at risk. the major announcement later today. a moon shot. could there be a private mission around the moon as early as next year? and what happened? tonight, that moment and the oscars, finally explained. >> "la la land."


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